Zuzana Albrechtová

Zuzana Albrechtova

Zuzana Albrechtova


She was born 22-10-1982 in Kromeriz - Czech Republic.

Zuzana was drawing already from young age,and she started with painting later as well.Because Art was for her a dream and a desire already from youth,she decided to study. In 2005 Zuzana left Czech Republic and went to Holland to study specially at a classical Fine Art school. In 2008 Zuzana entered the Wackers Academy in Amsterdam and became a student there.She studied for five years.In 2013 Zuzana successfully finished her study with the final exhibition as one of three best students.

Zuzana paints portraits, landscape, spiritual pictures and still life in a traditional clasical style. She works mostly with pencil, colourpencil, watercolour and her favorite material is oilpaint..

Zuzana lives partly in Holland and in Czech Republic.


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